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I have been a graphic designer my whole working life; over 20 years now. After 5 years at college, my career began in a high street print shop in Walthamstow. From there I moved to a series of exhibition firms designing large format graphics for a broad range of clients. In-house work at these firms (Nomadic Display, Photobition, Service Graphics) introduced me to web design too and this is one of the design disciplines I've focused on since starting out on my own in 2006.

Since then I've always enjoyed the direct contact with clients; building working relationships that make the design process a lot easier. On website design I've worked with back-end developers as well as directly for clients to achieve the finished site.

Iain with his two sons

I'm married with two children and work from my garden studio near Pewsey in Wiltshire (where there are good transport links if needed for meetings).

I thrive on new challenges and learning new techniques (essential for web design!) - I work hard and believe in charging reasonable (not extortionate) rates for my work.