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Mobile-friendly web design

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Tailored design

All website designs are created uniquely for each client - after an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, and a brief agreed, designs will be drawn up for discussion - amends can be made, or the design taken in a completely different direction. Once you're happy, a development copy of your actual website will be built so that you can see it before it goes 'live'.

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Edit your own site

Whether you blog or just update your text occasionally, being able to edit your site without having to pay someone for every little thing can add up.

Click below to learn how easy editing your own website could be. Be if you’d rather leave it to the experts that’s fine too!

Austins Health website on a laptop


Your social media channels will be connected to your website, whether that’s a ‘follow us on Twitter’ button, ‘find us on Facebook’ or anything else.

If you use a mailing service like Mailchimp you can have a signup form integrated easily.

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Design approach

Websites need to work well on a multitude of devices today - smartphone, phablet, tablet, laptop, desktop…

Currently in the UK, there’s a near 50-50 split of use between mobile and desktop devices, so your site has to be designed accordingly - ’Responsive web design' is the solution; creating styling for content which adapts the layout to suit the device. This is done by designing for smaller mobile devices first and then enhancing the styling for larger screens. This (along with other techniques) ensures fast load times for mobile devices, and also streamlines thinking about what content goes on the site at larger sizes - if it was unnecessary for a mobile user is the content really needed at all? Does it add real value?

Astute Canine Dog Club website on smart phone screens

Search engines

To help with search ranking, a sitemap file is created (as specified by search engines) and submitted to the main search engines. All relevant images will use ‘alt’ tags, so screenreaders and search bots can read them.

However website marketing is a full-time job, out of the scope of my services. Prices for these services which guarantee search rankings vary from £50 to £500 per month, or even higher, alternatively it is something you can learn to do for your self and invest the time each month maintaining - all the tools to access Search Engine Optimisation features for your site will be readily available.

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By default your site will be built with accessibility in mind - not all your users may be able to see well - preventing them from zooming in on a page would mean they won’t be able to use it.

Some users may use a screen reader - it’s important to make sure your code is set up correctly to make this work as well as possible.

Other issues such as correct ‘alt’ tags, good colour contrast, and clearly marked links will all be considered.