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Social media design

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Profile Images

The right profile images make a big impact in your social media. You may have a lovely logo, but if you can't make out what it is when it's 50 pixels wide beside your Tweet, then it's not much use as a profile image. The larger banner image on your profile page is really important too for reinforcing your brand, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media. It's not a huge job, so why not get it right?

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Banner ads & email footers

If you're advertising on someone else's website, I can help with the banner graphics, you don't have long to grab people's attention as they scroll down that website - let me help you draw them onto your website.

Your email footer can add a touch of professionalism - with the right image, or custom-styled HTML, every email will look good, not just the big email marketing batch you send out.