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Web hosting

Secure, stable web hosting can be provided to host your new website, and starts from as little as £50/year. This service is only available to clients also using the website design & build services.




2gb storage

SSL certificate

Automated 3-day backups



5gb storage

2 email accounts

SSL certificate

Automated 3-day backups



10gb storage

10 email accounts

SSL certificate

Automated 3-day backups

Many hosts will charge you extra for an SSL certificate and automated backups but they should really be considered essentials, so here they are included in all packages. When comparing prices with other hosts, check what is included.

Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the space on a computer server where your website lives, the server has special software on it to 'serve' your website when a web browser requests it.

How much space will I need?

The files for most websites will comfortably fit within the 2gb in the basic account. The more you add to your website, such as blog posts, the more space this will take up, especially if you're adding a lot of images to those posts. If you use email addresses within this hosting, bear in mind that your emails will eat up that storage, probably quicker than the website itself will.

You can always upgrade later if you need more space.

Is it secure?

Depending on which browser you use, right now you're either seeing a padlock, or a secure message in your address bar with this website. Hosting offered here includes a free basic SSL certificate (which is what browsers look for before giving the padlock/secure approval). It means the connection is encrypted, so for example if someone fills in the contact form on the website, snoopy hackers can't intercept that data - many hosts only offer this as a paid add-on.

The server is always kept up-to-date with releases to firewall software, and is located in England.

Do I have to use your hosting?

If you already have a website and just want the design updated, and are happy with your current hosting package, I can work with this provided you have the necessary login details and your package meets the new sites technical requirements.

However the extra access I have to my own server enables me to make swifter updates to websites' software, so this could have an effect on the maintenance costs for your site.

Will I be 'locked in'?

The hosting is on a private VPS - I do not allow anyone else access to this server for security reasons, but that does not mean that you are locked in. Should you decide to move your website in the future to other hosting I guarantee to help you to move the site there for no more than the cost of time to transfer the necessary files - no holding to ransom!

How do I get a domain name?

If you don’t already have a web address this can easily be registered for you. The price depends on the suffix (i.e. .com, etc.) but are usually around £15/year.

Can I book hosting online?

You can't - as hosting is only available to clients using the website design & build services, it's best to discuss all of this before deciding on your hosting package - get in touch to discuss.