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A Rocha Eco Congregation

6page gatefold leaflet and A4 poster

A Rocha is a conservation charity working in the UK and internationally. Their Eco Congregation initiative is designed to engage churches with conservation work. This 6-page gatefold leaflet was designed to introduce that work, working within their brand guidelines.

The leaflets are printed by an environmentally aware printers, using recycled paper and solvent-free vegetable-based inks.

The poster is for the annual conference of the same name, and highlights the theme for the year.

Producing good creative work within an organisation's brand guidelines is a skill I have honed over many years, and it pays off with projects such as this.

Side 1 of gatefold leaflet

Side one of the 6-page gatefold leaflet

Side 2 of the gatefold leaflet

Side two of the gatefold leaflet